Ten tips on how to climb the career ladder


That sound is not an army of people eating biscuits. It’s the head-on collision of hopeless optimism and brutal realism. And it’s called the credit crunch. When I started writing The Secrets of Success at Work, we still lived in what Mervyn King, who heads the bank of England, called ” the nice decade”. Now things are and are going to be much tougher.

How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company


Is your company having trouble attracting — and keeping — the top talent in your industry? Job seekers are increasingly researching companies online before applying, and the more experience they have, the more weight they seem to be giving to an employer’s brand.

How to spot rare talents


Hiring the right people can be a huge challenge for businesses, particularly startups that are growing rapidly. The best performers can be as much as five times more productive than the average worker, so knowing how to spot this talent can be a huge competitive advantage.